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ATTIBA use the best technologies to give you high quality products at the very best price!


ATTIBATEX is the trademark or our water resistant membrane.

ATTIBATEX models are manufactured with 3 special layers of internal liner that provides good protection against water, rain and snow. Despite ATTIBATEX products are equipped with a water resistant membrane, they are not to be considered 100% waterproof, as the membrane covers only a large part of the entire surface of the shoe. Level of water resistance depends on use and on weather conditions where shoes are used. In order to maintain unchanged properties of resistance, It is advisable to take care of your ATTIBATEX shoe regularly:              

  • Clean your product with a damp cloth (avoiding use of chemical solvents)
  • Treat entire surface of the shoe with professional water-repellent products to allow to waterproofing leather and fabrics
  • Allow to dry shoes in a cool, well ventilated place, away from sources of heat, direct sunlight and very cold temperature, taking care to remove insole (on hiking shoes) and open well shoes. Don´t put paper inside the shoe in order to facilitate drying process.


It is a patented non-slip system applicable to our ATTIBA models. The system consists of a movable bracket with two positions: Grip OFF and Grip ON. The OC TIPPER system in the Grip ON position makes the wheelbase comfortable and stable on any surface covered with ice or snow, increasing stability and preventing slipping. On the other hand, the OC TIPPER system, when in the Grip OFF position, also allows you to walk on the most delicate floors such as marble or wood without worrying about damaging them.

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