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Since the 1960s, Fluchos has been dressing men and women in highly original footwear. This ‘Made in Spain’ footwear is available today in European shops. Fluchos footwear is famous for its comfort and fashion-forward designs. Fluchos embarked upon an innovative venture in 1990, creating a new brand: Dorking.

Fashion is a hugely important factor that is reflected in all Dorking designs, offering elegance, style and the latest European fashions.

The Dorking by Fluchos Collection is packed with comfortable shoes, from sports shoes, flat shoes, ankle boots, ballet pumps, wedge sandals or high-heeled sandals. Find your style with Dorking, from casual to super elegant and everything in between.
Fluchos has become a brand known both nationally and internationally for its up to date design, comfortable shoes and for our 'shoes made in Spain' guarantee. Each and every style is made at our own factories so we can ensure our made in Spain guarantee. Fluchos currently has 5 production plants in Arnedo. We use all the latest machinery to produce cutting edge shoe technology.
Fluchos shoes are known for their authenticity, for using superior quality materials and for their hand sewn finish.
The Fluchos design team aims to anticipate and resolve the challenges and necessities of the market by offering innovative, effective solutions which fit a sustainable model. We do this by delivering designs which have developed and adapted to suit consumers all over the world.
A combination of the right machinery and an effective, experienced workforce are key factors which help us at Fluchos to maintain high production figures and be more competitive on the market for shoes carrying our made in Spain guarantee.
Our production process is submitted to frequent quality control at each stage of shoe making. At Fluchos our methods are all aimed at producing the highest quality final product.
Fluchos means top quality raw materials. Fluchos shoes are made from totally natural, clean, shiny leather in a range of rich tones.
The rubber we use for the soles is 100% natural and made in Spain and the shoe inner is lined with natural leather which moulds to your foot, enveloping it with great feeling of comfort.
Producing stylish, comfortable shoes which are made in Spain can also go a long way to caring for the environment where they are made. Fluchos, throughout the history of the company, has always taken decisions which are environmental friendly. 
  • Chrome levels are kept to a minimum
  • We use water based dyes and glues
  • PVC use has been eliminated
  • Contaminated residues from production have been reduced
  • We use the least energy possible 
  • Our soles are 100% rubber
  • Our shoes are tested for durability
  • Our shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • Our soles are anti-static


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